Coffee Beverage Recipes You’ll Surely Love

Ready to upgrade your caffeine fix? Coffee need not be drank solo, as it can be perfect with other ingredients. If you are a purist for coffee, do try other coffee recipes as it can expand your relationship with coffee. Coffee combines well with other things, as long as you know how to play around with the ingredients. Here are just a few no-fail coffee recipes you can make at home. Enjoy and may you prosper with coffee every day!   Recipe 1: Irish Coffee Delight Coffee as fresh as the sunrise tastes great with the addition of Irish whiskey. Topped with Irish cream, and you have a winner. This delightful beverage is perfect for any occasion or as a pick me up at any time during the day. Servings: 1 Preparation Time: 2 minutes Ingredients: –    I cup hot brewed coffee –    I Jigger Irish Whiskey (1.5 ounces) –    1 Jigger Irish Cream Liqueur (1.5 ounces) –    1 dash ground nutmeg –    Whipped cream Instructions: Mix Irish whiskey and Irish cream in a large mug. Then fill the mug with hot brewed coffee. Top the Irish coffee with whipped cream. Finish off with a dash of nutmeg. Enjoy!   … Continue reading Coffee Beverage Recipes You’ll Surely Love