The Best Cities in the World to Go Coffee Shop Hopping

If you are wondering what place to travel next, why not go into a coffee shop hopping escapade on your chosen destination? Hopping from one coffee shop to the next is an invigorating (and also somewhat relaxing) experience for you to enjoy the best of what a city has to offer. After walking for long hours, a coffee shop provides a relaxed and refreshing haven that will keep you going for your trip. A specialty coffee shop will also give you a glimpse of the coffee culture of a particular place. If you’re going on a sabbatical, the city’s coffee shops are there for you to sit back, reflect, write in your journal, paint your dreams, or bond with new friends. We’ve rounded up the best cities in the world which offer a mushroom growth of fantastic coffee shops. These cities are located on different continents, and they offer a variety of experiences.   (1)    Rome, Italy Italian coffee is tagged as one of the best in the world. Many coffee shops around the globe use Italian coffee to serve the best to their customers. And why not go to the source of one of the world’s best? Together with … Continue reading The Best Cities in the World to Go Coffee Shop Hopping