Youtube Coffee Lifestyle Series: Let’s Get Coffee with James O’Rear

His name is James O’Rear, and he found the best specialty coffee in Southern California. Coffee lovers are given a front seat view of the best coffee shops around SoCal with James O’Rear’s Youtube channel called “Let’s Get Coffee.” The videos are like episodes coming straight from National Geographic Channel, HGTV or Food Network. O’Rear and his small group of friends have produced professionally-made videos documenting the various coffee shops around town, plus some informational tidbits on how to get coffee at its best. How To Make the Perfect French Press by James O’Rear As of June 2016, they have documented 10 coffee shops around Southern California. The specialty coffee shops included in the series are Tonyan Coffee Roasters, Healing Coffee Roasters, Augie’s Coffee House, Kean Coffee, Coffee Code, Klatch Coffee, Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar, The Combine Kitchen, Portola Coffee Lab, and Restoration Roasters. These establishments were given the thumbs up by the team to be the must-try coffeehouses whenever you get to visit sunny California. The entire series was funded using their own money without any outside sponsorships. Now that is true passion for coffee packaged into Youtube videos for everyone to drink up! The Youtube series was … Continue reading Youtube Coffee Lifestyle Series: Let’s Get Coffee with James O’Rear